Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Temporary (?) replacement for the web site

I will dump stuff from my backup copy from the original site. After that I will happily hand over to the Moderators on the Discussion board.




  1. I couldn't find a email address here to contact Mr. Carpenter or Argyle38. I have talked to Gerry through email though and gotten lots of information from him. I have started the website and started putting all the downeaster information I can find up on it. My wife and I are getting Hull# 212 DE38 Valkyr and planning on living on her, after a project or two :) I would love to collaborate with you guys on keeping as much information about these boats as possible available on the web. Check out the website and contact me if you want to.
    Scott&Zsanic Carle

  2. Thanks for keeping this site alive. I dont own a Downeaster yet but I might someday and sites like this are great for information.