Thursday, July 2, 2009

Misc Info

Address of DE yard;
Ironically, at the time that 'Shangri-La' (still her name), was built, I was working on the other side of the freeway and would pass the yard on my way to work! FYI, if you have any confusion on their address over the years, Dyer and Alton are the same street, as with Santa Ana and Irvine: Just a question of what year and which corner you happened to be standing on.
Location of molds:
Spoke with Tony Strong today and he is of the opinion that the molds for the 32 and the 45 were distroyed by Newport Yachts (from whom he purchased the molds), which purchased the assets of DE (along with Islander Yachts and Colombia). He said that he bought the glass fabric that he used to build 'Mustang' from Newport also.

Above info supplied by Michael Homsany;